Exporting surfaces and their names to an STL file

 From:  Andrew (S195404)
Dear list,

I'm only new to MoI so please forgive such a basic question.

I have happily created a 3D building with surfaces I've named roof, walls, and floor.

When I select a surface and save it as an ASCII STL, the resulting file has just one solid in it, called OBJECT:

solid OBJECT

blah blah blah

endsolid OBJECT

(see the attached file for a cutdown example together with a screen shot showing what I assumed is the surface named "floor").

I want *each* surface to have its own solid-endsolid section in the STL file:

solid floor
endsolid floor

solid wall
endsolid wall

etc, etc

I would greatly appreciate any advice on how to go about this, please.

Kind regards,

Andrew Ward

PS. I am using MoI as a geometry creator for a CFD program (ICON FoamPro) which imports STL files. I will apply boundary conditions on each of the individual surfaces (for instance, a door might be open and I want to apply different constraints to it than I would to the walls, say).

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