any news on the meshing side in V3 beta?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi gustavo - if you have untrimmed surfaces that share an edge, you could try using Rhino's MergeSrf command to merge them together into just one single surface. That would get you a unifed mesh.

But if they remain separate, it's not too likely that they actually have the same parameterizations between them, each surface probably has different spacing for its knot vectors. In Rhino you can see this if their isocurve wires do not line up with each other.

> The use-case here is to rough our something in Nurbs
> before taking in to SubDs for further refinement.

The MoI mesher is not really designed at all for that use case - that use case requires special constraints on topology and using all quads.

The MoI mesher is more oriented towards making a low polygon count with n-gons.

Those are really different kinds of things - it's not really feasible to just tweak the current MoI mesher to get that totally different kind of sub-d friendly topology result, it really requires a totally different mesh algorithm, probably one that works more in 3D space (like primarily hanging quad pieces from 3D edge curves) rather than one that operates in UV space.

It could be possible that I can make some improvements in a few situations, but just in general the kind of result that you want needs a different kind of meshing mechanism.

- Michael