any news on the meshing side in V3 beta?

 From:  Michael Gibson
4477.2 In reply to 4477.1 
Hi Gustavo,

> I'm wondering if you have any enhancements/optimization
> regarding meshing in V3.

No nothing so far.

> Mostly crossing my fingers for a
> better continuation poly-flow across patches.

Do you have a simple example that you could give of a situation that you'd like to have improved?

Getting things to match across patches is a pretty tough problem to deal with - basically the way the mesher works is that surfaces are subdivided in UV space into smaller pieces. If you have 2 surfaces that have totally different UV parameterization between them then that will cause them to have somewhat different subdivisions between them.

Then there is also a pretty big problem that surfaces may be trimmed in numerous different directions not aligned with uv space as well - like for example imagine a plane that is trimmed by a 5 point star - there isn't any arrangement of uv-aligned quads that lines up with those edges since the trim curves are going in various different directions from the natural uv space directions.

So it's a pretty big problem to solve. Working in UV space tends to be the most natural way from an algorithmic standpoint to work with surfaces.

- Michael