Curve Import in Version 3

 From:  Michael Gibson
4460.5 In reply to 4460.4 
Hi J-P,

> It would make workflow easier to get reference
> points/objects directly to Moi3D instead of making
> them all over from start.

You can export solids from AutoCAD to SAT format which can then be loaded into the current version of MoI.

AutoCAD does not seem to export curves to SAT format but someone mentioned to be that recent versions of AutoCAD support IGES format again (after it having been removed for a long time) so try using IGES export from AutoCAD to transfer curves from there into MoI.

If that still doesn't work, you might try one of Sycode's export plug-ins for AutoCAD: - they have some plug-ins for writing to IGES, STEP, and SAT format out from AutoCAD as well but I don't know if they handle curve data or not.

- Michael