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 From:  Michael Gibson
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> Then if I select and copy it from the forum, I can
> insert that into Notepad.. Am I clipboarding that
> binary value??

Yup, well you're actually clipboarding unicode text - that's CF_UNICODETEXT format:

When you paste that into notepad, you now have text that is not really representable in ascii anymore since you now have a character in your text that does not match to the limited set of ascii characters that you can see in that table I linked to before.

If you decide to save out to an ascii file from notepad, I guess it could write out the numeric value for that character anyway, but it looks like that is actually reserved in ascii for a message to control hardware devices and isn't supposed to be a printable character in ascii.

If you want to edit a file where you are controlling the raw number values of every byte in the file, you usually want to use a hex file editor to that kind of job rather than a text file editor though. A regular ascii text file editor would probably not let you make that character since it does not correspond to a printable character in the ascii table.

- Michael