A bit off topic

 From:  BurrMan
I got stuck with something and was looking to see if anybody could help me understand where I'm at.. It has to do with Unicode and ascii representations of a special control character..

I was helping another guy in a different forum and got him results, but dont know how I can make it predictably repeatable or where I got lost.

Here it is.. The device control character is a unicode character created by Alt+19 on the tenkey pad.. it makes a double not (2 exclamations as one character) Although, I need to save this in an ascii text file (bonk).. The ascii code is 0x013 or something like that, but cant figure out how to type that into notepad??

I ended up acheiving what I was after by using an html tag of "& # 1 9 ;" (spaces added as forum was rendering the character) then rendering it with IE and using copy and paste into notepad!! This gives me this in a simple ascii text file:

But what am i actually copying and pasting then???

Although, it doesnt render in some IE's...???? I think this is a FONT thing? (I dont know if it's actually showing in this forum yet)

I guess my question is, if anybody knows how to keyboard those types of characters into an ascii file? I couldnt figure out how to find it with Charmap to be able to find a font that contained it?

Is there a utility that will create this character from an ascii code?

Any input is appreciated....