Catenary Script

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Brian, that's great that you've been able to get it all working!

The way that you would do a checkbox is to add a <moi:CheckButton> element to the .htm file that contains the UI for the command.

You need to give it an id="" attribute and fill in the inside of the tag with the text that will go in the button, so it will look something like this:

<moi:CheckButton id="someid">Text label goes in here</moi:CheckButton>

Basically when you have a control (any kind of button or input control) in the UI that has an id assigned to it, when that control gets activated it will trigger a UI event that your .js file can then respond to.

The event will have the name of the id="" attribute of that control and you can retrieve the current true/false property for whether it is checked or not by using the .value property of the control - that works similar to how the script is currently retrieving the .numericValue property from the edit fields. And actually in MoI v3 you can use just plain .value for those numeric fields as well.

Let me know if you are still stuck trying to use a check box and I can help you get it set up.

- Michael