Network Curve selection

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi mash - yeah basically MoI (with the n-gon option active) builds a mesh that resembles and follows the same topology as the NURBS object - things like one n-gon face for one trimmed planar NURBS surface, etc...

That's a nice clean structure in a lot of ways, like not a lot of extra wires but it's just a generally different kind of structure than what you'll need for sub-d except in particular special cases like with untrimmed surfaces.

But that's great that you've got 3d-coat and can use that for retopo if needed.

I just wanted to clarify that - it's kind of a frequent thing that people see Moi's structured n-gon output and seem to automatically jump to the conclusion that a clean looking wireframe and organized looking topology equates to sub-d friendly topology, when that's not necessarily the case.

If you are looking to produce a rendering of your models, you can just render MoI's output directly - it includes vertex normals with the output which helps things look smooth in the rendering without having to apply any sub-d smoothing on it at all.

- Michael