Network Curve selection

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi mash,

> Is there any way to preview the way the polygons will
> lay with out having to do an export first?

You have to do an export to see how it's going to mesh, but you can set up a keyboard shortcut that will do an export to a dummy file name and then just cancel instead of actually writing the file.

That's pretty convenient because it avoids having the file dialog come up at all.

To do that go to Options > Shortcut key, and add in a new entry.

On the left-hand "Key" column put in the key that you want to trigger the shortcut. If you do this a lot put in the space bar by typing: Space into that column.

Then on the right-hand "Command" side put in the following:
SaveAs c:\test.obj

Then with that in place when you hit the space bar it will go through the export process but use c:\test.obj as the filename, so it skips the "ask for a filename" step and goes directly into the mesh previewing. Then when you're done looking hit escape or push cancel to bail out, it won't write any file if you cancel at that point.

- Michael