Moving and resizing boolean holes

 From:  Michael Gibson
444.6 In reply to 444.5 
> To fix trimmed holes, would it be possible to incorporate an
> "Untrim" command as in Rhino?

Hi Jesse - in MoI untrim is built in to the regular Delete command.

To untrim, you select all the edges of a trimming boundary, and hit delete, that will remove them same as Untrim. The edges will only be removed if they are not attached to anything else.

> If so, how would that work in regards to History Update?

Well, there aren't very many situations where history would come into play with this, because most of the operations that you would do with a face like this like join or booleans, don't work with history right now.

Is there some particular situation with history that you're interested in with untrim?

- Michael