I would definitely buy your software, but...

 From:  WhiteDwarf
I have a need to open .stp files and convert high poly meshes to .fbx format. Your trial works great for converting the meshes; however I cannot apply styles (colors) to the meshes and have them export as .fbx materials. The materials only seem to work with .obj, and unfortunately the obj exporter seriously screws up my high poly meshes, adding extra faces, missing faces. This is just not going to work with the multiple million tri meshes I deal with.

Any chance you can get MOI styles to export as .fbx materials?

It would also be great if when I import the .fbx into MAX, the mesh was an editable mesh, where each corresponding face of the .stp file, was an element (Autodesk Inventor to MAX conversion does this nicely, but the mesh is not as clean as MOI resultant meshes) instead of an editable poly, which is hard to deal with when we're talking 2-3 million tri's.

Make these changes, and I will be a customer ;)