I have problem MoI 2 is craching

 From:  Michael Gibson
4420.2 In reply to 4420.1 
Hi sysgrunge - hmm that is a quite unusual problem.

The first thing you might try is to update your video driver to the latest one - try going directly to the nVidia.com web site and get their latest version there. If there is any kind of instability in your video driver that can make for instability in MoI as well.

You also might try running the "no save" trial version instead of the 30-day one and see if that behaves better. If it does then that means that the anti-hacking security layer that's wrapped around the 30-day trial version is not behaving well on your system, possibly some kind of anti-virus or anti-spyware type system you may be running may not be interacting well with it.

If you do run any kind of software that can hook into programs and modify how things work (like anti-virus software, or anything that changes the appearance of all windows in the system or things like that), then try disabling those.

But I'd really recommend updating the video driver first to see if that solves things - buggy video drivers tends to be the biggest kind of thing that causes stuff like this.

- Michael