MOI's interface

 From:  Ambimind
Hi Michael,

I'm currently writing a small program and am again frustrated by Windows' limited set of UI gadgets/components(in function and display). It occurred to me, as I was working with MOI today, that:
1- It does not rely on the .net framework and thus file size is relatively small
2 - It does not suffer from said visual limits and yet is extremely responsive
3 - Looks the same across Xp,Vista, 7
5 - And because of this, it is a delight to work with and probably to program

In other words, it is quite an achievement.

I wondered if you would give some tips on how you managed this, particularly if you are using some standard framework I can purchase/download or if you've written it yourself, if you would considering selling it?

Thanks for any assistance,


EDITED: 26 Jul 2011 by AMBIMIND