How do you make a saddle type solid?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi cc, so your smaller profile there is segmented into 8 pieces with 4 long side edges and 4 smaller rounded corner segments. So to control how those segments will match to the outer profiles, I drew in some line segments from each segment's endpoint like this:

Each of those lines goes from the end of one of the smaller curve's segment endpoints to a perpendicular snap on the larger curve. Then I trimmed that outer curve by those lines and joined together pieces, and used the Rebuild command (link) to reconstruct a few joined pieces so they were made up of one single smooth segment.

So after that rearranging, I got the outer curve to be set up to have 8 segments same as the inside curve - now when lofting each of the segments will match up in the loft so that gives you some more control over how different shaped things get connected together.

The 3DM file is attached - to loft it, select these 2 curves:

and then run Construct > Loft to build this result:

That can then be joined with your other potato chip surface pieces to make a fully closed solid.

Your objects are a little small in size, and you may see some kind of odd things that are related to that since the default fitting tolerance of 0.001 units is not a very small distance compared to your object's size - if you see things like stuff sagging away noticeably from your curves it means your objects are too small in size and try scaling them up by 10 times so that the fitting tolerance is not too large in comparison to your objects.

- Michael