How do you make a saddle type solid?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi cc,

> Apparently loft doesn't work on curved surfaces.
> Network didn't work either.

Both Loft and Network take curves (or edges) as input and build surfaces from those curves.

Since Loft or Network do not take surfaces as input if you just select an entire surface object as the input into the command it will just be ignored - you've got to select curve objects for Loft to use instead of surface objects.

You can duplicate any edge into a curve object by selecting it and doing a copy/paste (ctrl+c/ctrl+v) or also like Pilou mentions you can select a bunch of edges and use the Join command to make a new curve from them that is all joined together into one piece.

Since your objects have fairly different shaped outlines, to make a good surface in between your 2 objects there you'll need to control how things are segmented so that you have a good match between each outline - this will mean using Join and/or Trim to configure the pieces into segments that match up nicely.

- Michael