Request: an intro to CADCAM for the Content-Creation crippled...

 From:  Satoribomb
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Hey Mike,

thanks for the super-fast response. It's not so much what I'm trying to build - I'm a hard-surface modeler with a taste for the mechanical. It's what I'm trying to do. To me, rotating and scaling just seem counter-intuitive within MoI. I don't get the reference-point thing. And, I can't seem to transform individual elements (edges, faces, vertices) once they are part of a "solid". Guess its just the polygonist in me. So, that's what I mean by trying to grasp how MoI works. Are there features I'm trying to use that are not present yet? Or am I approaching it wrong?

Let me give you an example of the workflow I'm most used to (taken from wings3D). I start with a closed mesh - a cube lets say. I want to scale one side of it. I drop into face mode - select the face I want to scale, choose the axis for scaling (world coordinate or normal) and BAM, it scales. Now, in MoI, after extruding a solid from a base, closed curve, I fillet it. I want to scale the top and bottom "faces" of the solid, but leave the remaining geometry intact. How would I do that in MoI? Or, I want to move one curve segment along the top of the solid I've made. How would I do that? The rest seems learnable thriough use - though I get some interesting behavior with the booleans. But the element transforms and transforms using reference points seems unfathomable for me now.

Does what I'm saying even make sense? 'Cause I'm pretty much confusing myself at this point. MoI's still a great tool though - and worth the frustration I'm feeling.

Thanks again.