Request: an intro to CADCAM for the Content-Creation crippled...

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Yeah, it is a very different workflow from a subd modeler or zbrush.

You don't work so much by pushing and pulling a cage of an object, instead you draw curves and then form a solid "skin" from those curves using different tools (sweeping, lofting, extruding, etc).

It's also a lot more frequent to work on different pieces of the model and then boolean them together or trim parts with one another.

Sharp edges are then rounded by applying fillets to the edges.

How about this - can you think of an example type of model that you would like to create in MoI? Describe the type of model or type of shape and I'll try to give you a few pointers for how to make progress on it.

One tricky thing is that there are many kinds of models that are just more suited to being built in a subd modeler or ZBrush than in MoI (creatures, characters, faces, ... ). It's just not going to be very feasible to build those types of models inside of MoI. So that may be a problem for you, MoI isn't going to give you a tablet-enabled way to build really the same kinds of things that you are used to. If you're trying to do the same types of subd models but with a tablet, that's probably not going to fit right...

- Michael