Request: an intro to CADCAM for the Content-Creation crippled...

 From:  Satoribomb
Howdy Howdy Howdy!

Hate to start a with a request, but can anyone here provide a quick intro into the CADCAM approach to 3D for those of us who are coming over from the Content Creation side of things (i.e. 3D animation)?

I've been trying to play with MoI on my TabletPC for about 3 days now - I love the idea, simplicity and overall feel of this app - it quite simply _rocks_. But, I'm having a devil of a time trying to make and manipulate objects in MoI. My gut tells me this is due to differences in the approach and the conventions being used between MoI and the apps I am familiar with (Lightwave 3D, Wings 3D, Sharpconstruct, ZBrush).

As well, I have limited background using NURBS-based apps (a little experience 5 years ago with Rhino) as I work in the SubDiv world.

Still, I've been jonesing for an intuitive, tablet-based modeler I can use to quickly "sketch" my ideas. Sketchup just didn't fly with me - too limited - and the experimental tools (i.e. Cornell 3D Journal, Gides++, SketchBoard) I tried were too clunky or buggy to be worth using more than once. I'm really hopeful that MoI will grow into the app I've been waiting for. So, Michael, if there's anything I can do to help that process along, let me know.

Thanks for listening and considering the request folks.