Plimus Download Problem-Help!

 From:  Greg (HORSEGUY44)
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I suspected I wasn't getting through via email after reading all the raves about how responsive you are...add my voice to that list. The new link worked perfectly, and I'm now up and running. Thanks!

BTW, I'm very enthusiastic about this project of yours. As a long time product designer who still "thinks" with a ball point pen, I'm not always impressed by more complicated/expensive tools. So finding truly effective usable software is every my goal, and MoI seems to fit the bill for rapid (but accurate) 3D concept generation (much like Artrage fullfilled my need for rapid 2D concept generation) that can also run on my current computer. (There are some terrific software packages out there which are useless without the latest graphic cards...)

Anyway, I'll do my best to spread the word (if I'd had known about MoI, I wouldn't have spent so much time puzzling over the gazillion menu/tool choices in Rhino for so long) and hopefully generate more interest and support for this program.

Greg W