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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi shokan - yes please post a 3DM file with your curves in it - that helps a lot because it can be hard to know what is going on with your curves just by looking at a screenshot - I need to do things like examine which pieces are joined together and stuff like that.

But my best guess from just looking at your screenshot is that you probably have a problem in the configuration of your curves in this area here:

In order for network to work properly, the entire network needs to be able to be unwrapped to a 2D grid pattern, basically the same as how a globe of the earth gets unwrapped to a flat map - think of your curves as lines of longitude and latitude similar to that.

So that means that the long curves that you have along the sides would need to be configured like this with them all coming to a single point at the bottom:

What you've probably got instead is those long curves stopping at the base instead:

If you've got them configured like that, it means you've got some extra small curves for that base plate area, and having those little curves are not compatible with making a 2D unwrapped flattened map of your curves.

Probably your best bet would be to actually leave out the curves for that flat base plate area entirely and do that separately, after doing the Network for the other part.

> I'll try this again, but are there any tips about starting a line with
> its end point along another line?

Make sure object snap is enabled in the bottom toolbar - when it is enabled it will be highlighted in orange like this:

You should generally have that on when drawing things - when it is on then you'll get various snaps that will lock points on to other existing shapes, and that's how you make sure things are exactly touching when you draw them.

- Michael