Import Point Script Error

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Michael T,

> Mabe I have missed it, but is there limitation to the
> ImportPointFile script such as number of points etc.?

No, I don't think it has any limits for the number of points.

But it does need the points to be in a particular format - one point per line of the file with one separating character between each coordinate.

You also may need to open up the file in a text editor to see what the separating character is - you have to tell the ImportPointFile command what that character is in order for it to work correctly. That's the delimiter option that shows up for that command.

> I downloded a sample .xyz file, but I am un able to open it
> with script. It does not error out, but simply does nothing.

If the script runs into an error, it will just do nothing.

Can you please post the .xyz file here so I can take a look at it? It may have its contents arranged in some way that the script does not know how to deal with. If that's the case I may be able to modify the script to make it work.

- Michael