Import Point Script Error

 From:  Unknown user
I spent the day experimenting with the blend between the blade and hub. Trying to get a more fluid shape that would resemble what is actually ground by hand. Before it was a little too rigid. This seems better, but probably a little off. I think its the best it can be, in software, though. Real life is a bit different. This would give me a good approx. for FEA. I have experience a few graphics glitches. I posted a few here. I noticed that for thin parts, even a plate, the edge curves will show through. Also, on my super small ter it can display weird. But it seems like its just an issue of being zoomed in and rotated in a way that brings the model a lot closer than you could get in parallel or just zoomed in to the max. Moreover if you pick a spot on the middle of the blade on the ter and zoom in to the max, there is no issue. But if you then rotate the model another spot on the blade will come into view making it even closer than the zoom allows, then the issue shows up.