Import Point Script Error

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Hi Michael,

Yeah, you hit it on the head. I was wondering if that was the cause. A persistent memory could be useful. The idea would be after I did the fea and saw how much the blade was moving and in what direction, I could come back in and move the rail points. Then keep iterating until its close. But I was planning on regenerating the rails with my code and start the model all over. So its not that big of a deal, but it could make it a bit simpler.

I tried your suggestions about modelling the blade and you are right. It works perfectly. I switch to mm then do the sweep. Also make sure the ler and ter are one arc. I had been doing that though after you guys brought it up. I think the missing link was switching to mm. Also to make it display shaded right on my laptop I have been setting the mesh angle to 1 degree with no apparent side effects.

Thanks so much, I am really really happy with MoI. No need for Rhino, PowerShape, or Autodesk 123D.