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 From:  BurrMan
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Hi prop,
I didnt change anything in the file you posted (Actually, it didnt have the center hub in it, so i copied it from one of the other files and had to scale it to fit.. Maybe you should check it's dims) The only thing I did was rebuild the ler and ter arcs so they were a single segment instead of a broken arc. Same dims though.

We understand that there is a ter radius defined there.. The problem is to model such a miniscule number (miniscule in relation to the rest of the models numbers) is going to present you with very low level problems that need to be addressed. Michael has already stated that MoI "Could" do it, but it is not setup as the tool to deal with what you will be facing with this situation.. I could do the fillet in Rhino too.. His suggestion was, if you really have the need to put that tiny little value into the mix, you may need a more specialized software to accomplish the model.. Or, essentially he will be building it for you over the next month. Every next move will require low level understanding and manipulation (Not in the manuals).

As you point out, many of those blade features are something done by a human, not a machine. I pointed out some info on the naca specs where they actually change the numbers to zero for computational work. If you have a need to model it specifically as-is, for FEA, then it will not be something you wip up in a day or 2.

"""""""""burrman please don't spend two months or more on this. you've done so much already. you have shown moi can do what i wan't and this is just a newbs inability to operate it properly.""""""

Well, not really. It's more like you will run into this with "Any" of the software you attempt this with. The understanding of whats being said about the difference in values with relation to each other, is the key.

"""""""The only things I can say from a new users perspective is that the pan and rotate buttons in screen aren't what I would expect. I would think you click the button and then the main action would be those. Not click and hold and move on them.""""""""

A right clcik/drag in the viewport will pan the 2d ones and rotate the 3d view. Middle click will pan the 3d view..Shift riight clcik will pan the 3d viewport and cntl right clcik will zoom all of them. The viewport buttons are adjustable in the options dialogue. You can make them sensative or not (Like for using them when zoomed way in on something very small.) Their rates are adjustable.. I think they were also designed with a tablet user in mind.. People who use pens to work the computer.