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Thanks burrman,

I will keep at it. I'll try to do what you did. Did you have to scale the model at all. Or did you just increase the ter. At this point, I'm fine with increasing the ter. It could be that it was increased by the manufacturing department and I just didn't know about it. Everyone keeps focusing on that point, rather than the bigger issue of just getting the model built in MoI. If the ter has to go up then it has to go up, I don't really care at this point. All I have been saying is that is literally the definition from NACA. It is not zero as people have been trying to say. I already attached the document I referenced to write my code (ter = .00021 * chord for the NACA 65A009). You can not bring a zero ter down to a hub and have a working propeller, it will crack instantly under extreme centrifugal forces. Usually the blades are blended from an airfoil to a circle for a variable pitch blade. I'm trying to do a fixed pitch blade so it will blend to something but what I'm not entirely sure (however, burrman is nailing it, exactly what I'm going for). Again, I just want something that is reasonable that either a guy with a grinder made or came off a cnc machine and then was cleaned up by a guy with a grinder. If the naca def is too small, which it may be, then it will obviously have to go up some. But it can't go up that much or the chord will shrink and change the performance. So its still going to have to be a rather small ter blending in to the hub. Again, the idea is that the model would go on for further analysis such as fea. So a realistic model of the blend is my goal.

I've literally never used MoI before, so your patience is appreciated. I spent all day yesterday with it and found it a lot nicer than Rhino, which I have used occasionally. I never could blend the blade into the hub in rhino. It sounds like once I learn what burrman is doing in MoI it probably will explain my failure in rhino. But from what I can tell here MoI works a lot nicer, so I would like to figure it out. Probably all I need to do is learn how to build the airfoil profile better so it sweeps right and then it will work better. Then of course learn how to join it all together to blend it. All of which burrman is trying to explain to me. I'll keep reading, watching tutorials and practicing because it seems like its worth learning and using MoI over Rhino.

The only things I can say from a new users perspective is that the pan and rotate buttons in screen aren't what I would expect. I would think you click the button and then the main action would be those. Not click and hold and move on them. Also when an op fails no output is given. It would be nice if it said the op failed like rhino. Other than that, I think its pretty darn awesome compared to Rhino.


p.s. burrman please don't spend two months or more on this. you've done so much already. you have shown moi can do what i wan't and this is just a newbs inability to operate it properly. i won't be here much of the day, so I'll get back at it tonight and tomorrow.