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Yes, the model i posted is listed as a "solid" in the properties display. There are a couple different fillets that MoI does... Edge and surface.. The surface one works best when done on a solid object though can create a fillet with seperated surfaces more robustley, but those will also require a lower level of work to get the result into a solid.. It's a good idea to work with solids as that will then have well defined surfaces and structure.

To get your model into a solid form for filleting I first rebuilt the arcs to use in the sweep as I had mentioned before. After I completed the sweep I seperated everything into seperate surfaces and ran a trim on the surfaces of the sweep object and the hub object, using the "keep" option to keep the exterior surfaces I wanted to keep. Then I ran join on all the surfaces and created a solid form that I posted here.

The fillet of that edge will only go so far before it folds over onto itself.. If you put a .25 fillet on that edge, you will see the results on that little trailing edge patch that is created... Note the difference in the 2 verticle patches that run up to it... This is whats causeing the issue for the fillet corner patch area. If it was a sharp, it will be able to make a more well defined patch, but at some value, you would have to look at it and ask "What would I expect to see put there???" A proper patch structure cant really twist in and around on itself to satisfy the area...

"""" I noticed your model was all one piece and it was able to perform a fillet. Do you have to join them somehow? Being new at this is difficult.""""

It's not really going to be anything you find in the manual for doing what we are talking about here, but those 3 videos Michael has there, cover things pretty well. Even Rhino wont be having specific direction on working in the manner you are describing. Even the higher end stuff may have a need for understanding whats happening under the hood to have success!

Maybe Danny, who is a user here, can find the time to look at your file with NX, a very expensive modeler using one of the more powerful modeling kernels, and comment on the type of results it produces with simple "boolean and fillet" with no need to jump through hoops...

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