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Yeah its really small and if the chord gets smaller like the first points that started this thread it would get even smaller. That's why I switched to this example. The large blend that burrman did at the base is what i was going for. But it would still have to blend into the ter. I used to work for McCauley propeller and Hamilton Standard. We made these types of blades all the time. Even guys with hand grinders could do it. The CNC was just an example. I was trying to say that machines don't make lines or points. There will be some radius based on the drill bit or what not. At P&W we drilled with lasers. Believe me there are a lot of ways to do all sorts of things, that's all I was trying to say. Unfortunately the ratio (radius/ter) that I believe is bugging you I can't change. It comes from the fact that the blade has to have a certain chord. The airfoil spec does the rest. Making the ter larger is an option, but not ideal. I was trying to say it still needs to be a radius for a real perspective and from a stress perspective. So if it becomes too small to manufacture as burrman is saying it would have to be enlarged. I was saying my code just uses the naca spec. Its not like I drew it in there for fun or to bug you guys. I'm ok with making it bigger if need be at this point. But what I sent is the actual definition.