Import Point Script Error

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Anthony, if that's really what you need then MoI is probably not the right tool for your particular job - you may need a more specialized kind of program to deal with unusual (unusual in the sense of what MoI is oriented towards working with) criteria like that.

MoI is just not specifically designed to handle this particular task that you need to do.

It may be something that I can adjust in the future, but it's a difficult task to try and expose a whole bunch of adjustable tolerance values in the UI for every kind of action that you want to do - that would probably help with what you're trying to do in this particular case but would also result in a much greater avalanche of technical info being presented to the user all the time, making for a much more complex and more difficult to use program.

It's a major goal for MoI to be easy to use and to not try to require a math degree to operate it...

- Michael