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When the tool cuts the metal there will be a radius. It won't come out as a straight line. That is what I was trying to say. Also, from a stress and fatigue point of view you can not have a straight line or sharp features of any kind or the part will crack and fail. There will and should always be some sort of fillet at that boundary. The downstream analysis for the CAD model would be FEA, CFD, aeroelastic etc. You want the correct geometry for a lot of reasons. My program outputs the information to build the le and te based on the naca 65a009 definition. The radius will vary with each design but the part bothering you will never change. The te will always be very very small compared to the rest of the model. Making it a point or line is not only not a real geometry but if it was made it will fail instantly. If you look at turbine or compressor blades they have small fillets at the base. Those will be way smaller than in this model.