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Hi Prop,
In the file with the .005 fillat, I just worked it and did the trimming... Remember Michael describing the viewport being meshed by your video card, and turning everything into triangles instead of curves.. That part would mean at some type of zoom level, you wont be seeing whats really there.. "Maybe that instersection was actually right!!""

But this is just only going to get worse, as Michael had described.

The G1 fillet was easy. I just removed the little radius on the trailing edge and then ran the fillet tool..

Please note that everywhere you look, it will be "removed" for actual work.. It's just there as part of a proper mathematical representation... But like mentioned here in a wiki for airfoils, you'll note that they mention changing some numbers to use 0 as the little radius, when when you need to do computational work with the airfoil:

Equation for a symmetrical 4-digit NACA airfoil

The formula for the shape of a NACA 00xx foil, with "xx" being replaced by the percentage of thickness to chord, is:


c is the chord length,
x is the position along the chord from 0 to c,
y is the half thickness at a given value of x (centerline to surface), and
t is the maximum thickness as a fraction of the chord (so 100 t gives the last two digits in the NACA 4-digit denomination).

Note that in this equation, at (x/c) = 1 (the trailing edge of the airfoil), the thickness is not quite zero. If a zero-thickness trailing edge is required, for example for computational work, one of the coefficients should be modified such that they sum to zero. Modifying the last coefficient (i.e. to -0.1036) will result in the smallest change to the overall shape of the airfoil. The leading edge approximates a cylinder with a radius of:

Now the coordinates (xU,yU) of the upper airfoil surface, and (xL,yL) of the lower airfoil surface are:

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