Import Point Script Error

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I wanted to try out MoI but I'm having problems. I can do this in Rhino, so I know it can work in general. I have a file with airfoil points and another file with rail points. They are xyz files. I import both files and do a two rail sweep to make the blade. At least that's what I do in Rhino. I can't get past the first part in MoI. I installed the import point file script but it gives me an error. I was wondering if someone can look things over and let me know what's wrong. I don't know if it doesn't like the number format. Also for the rail file there are three different lines. Rhino imports all the points but I don't know if MoI would need to have each set of points in its own file.

I added the shortcut Ctrl+I ImportPointFile as described in the instructions on Peter's website.

Please see attachments for more info.

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