ok, still using v1, upgrade???

 From:  Michael Gibson
4380.6 In reply to 4380.5 
Hi Anis - the plan is to just release it when it is ready, once I have got some new features done. But I don't know the exact date for when that will happen.

The UI overhaul is pretty much all done now though, so I will be switching now to work on some new features and when I've got a few done then I'll release the first v3 beta.

For the next step I want to update to the latest version of the geometry library, since that will bring some new functionality that will probably help to make some new features. But updating the geometry library is a fairly complex process and I have to test it carefully to try and make sure that there aren't any regressions. It is difficult to know in advance how long that will take - maybe 1 day, maybe 2 weeks...

I do hope to have it out pretty soon though.

- Michael