Modify seam point

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Ditto,

> Is there a way to adjust the seams of closed curves?

There is in some commands like Loft for example - in the final stage of loft some points will appear at the seam locations and you can drag them around to modify them.

But it's assumed that this is not necessary for Sweep - so far I don't think I've seen a situation where it's needed for sweep since sweep is able to do a better job of knowing how the profiles are supposed to relate to one another than Loft.

Like the others above, I also tried your attached file and can't seem to find any problem with it.

Looking at your screenshot, it appears that you may be selecting the curves in the opposite order? I mean it looks like you have selected the long curves as the profiles to sweep and then the smaller closed curves as the rails, rather than selecting the long curves as the rails.

I'm able to get the same result that you show only when I select the curves in the wrong order like that.

Note that the sequence of how you select the curves is different between MoI and Rhino - in Rhino you select the rails first and in MoI you instead select the profiles first. It's set up that way in MoI to improve overall consistency between how profile curves are selected in various commands - for example with the Extrude command you select the profile to extrude and then do the stuff for controlling the extrusion distance. So to maintain general consistency Sweep also selects the profile curves first (you can actually select them before even starting the sweep command) and then does stuff for how to sweep those profiles as the second step.

There are several areas like that where I've tried to correct some inconsistencies in the command flow that I originally designed with Rhino.

So anyway, to get a good sweep do the following steps - first select the 2 smaller closed curves. Then run the Construct > Sweep command. Now the prompt in the upper-right area of the window will say "Select rails" - now select the 2 long curves as the rails and right-click, that should generate the sweep how you want it.

If you start by selecting the 2 long curves as the profiles and the small curves as the paths to sweep around you will get the messed up result.

- Michael