Selecting multi segment edge and more

 From:  Michael Gibson
4373.4 In reply to 4373.1 
Hi Felix, for some more information on that select loop script that Pilou showed, see here:

The way it works it that you need to select 2 consecutive edges on the particular loop that you want before triggering the script - that's how it knows which of the faces it should follow to make the selection. Some more explanation in the above links.

> It would be nice also to be able to kind of "join" or "merge" these
> connected segments as a single edge (not a regular joined copy)

You can merge some kinds of edges with the Merge command ( but that's only for merging edges in places where only 2 edge fragments from the same trimming boundary loop are touching each other smoothly.

You can't merge together edges that also belong to numerous different face trimming boundaries like in your case here - edges fundamentally are things that belong to a face trimming boundary.

> and maybe give it a name separate from the solid if needed.

This part you can do anyway though - once you build up your selection of edges you can assign them all the same name (click on the name line in the properties panel) and then an entry will show up in the Objects section of the scene browser where you'll be able to hide or select them all as a group.

- Michael