isometric/trimetric view

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Armin, check out Petr's page here:

for a collection of a whole bunch of various scripts - it's linked to from the main web site from the Resources page.

Those particular ones are in the SetView section:

There's a script there for setting either an isometric or dimetric view with a shortcut key, the script will set the exact view angles that are needed.

Some previous discussions here:

If I remember right, trimetric is not really possible to set up as a regular parallel projection camera view unlike isometric or dimetric, I think that's discussed some on the 2nd link above.

> And since I am at this subject ... is there a way to load a
> background image and adjust the viewport to match the same
> viewing angle of this image?

I think you mean match the view in MoI to a perspective camera shot? No, there is no camera matching mechanism like that set up in MoI - the background images for MoI are primarily meant to be used for bringing in 2D images like blueprint reference images, not really for 3D angled images.

If you can use some other software to calculate the camera parameters, it could be possible to set up a script in MoI that will set the camera location to those values - see the "Set camera by eye and look at points" on Petr's page above. You can set the field of view angle in the UI under Options > View > 3D View angles > "Field of view:"

- Michael