New Feb-26 beta available now

 From:  Michael Gibson
437.14 In reply to 437.2 
Hi Petr, thanks for the feedback,

> RotateImage :: The circles, which represent planes for rotating an image, could
> be dashed like construction lines.

This is set up for the next beta.

> There could also be a way of reseting the image into the basic state (i.e. circles
> are parallel/perpendicular to cplanes).

Any ideas on a good way to trigger this? Maybe clicking the rotate icon again while inside tri-axis rotate mode?

For background images it is pretty easy to just delete the current one and draw a new one that is aligned to the cplanes again. But there needs to be some way to do this before these grips could be applied to regular objects. The rotation stuff on the images is mostly a test bed for how this type of frame editing could work for on regular objects for a future version.

The nice thing about this dual-mode rotation mechanism is that it will provide for simple 2D illustration type scaling and rotation within the top view (it is nice to be able to use the top view as if it was a 2D illustration program), but a full 3-axis rotation is easy to get as well.

I've also thought a bit about maybe displaying a center point while in tri-axis mode and letting you drag on the center point to move the center of rotation elsewhere, eventually.

- Michael