Drawing solid pyramid

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Burr, yeah pyramid is just not used as frequently, and having too many specialized commands tends to make for a bloated and complex UI. So anyway Ditto that is why there is not a special pyramid command - it's an important goal for MoI to be easy to use and one of the ingredients that makes that possible is to not have too many commands that are not used too frequently and can already be accomplished using existing tools.

I do plan on making an "extrude to point" option for extrude which should make it easier to make a pointy pyramid from a rectangle. Currently there are a variety of different ways you can do it though, one pretty straightforward way is to draw a rectangle and 4 lines connecting each corner of the rectangle to the apex of the pyramid, then select all of them and run the Construct > Network command.

A truncated pyramid can be easily created by drawing 2 rectangles and doing a Loft between them.

In the future at some point I can probably cook up a plug-in command to do some more convenient pyramid construction, but it's pretty quick to construct with existing tools though.

- Michael