Import protocols

 From:  Michael Gibson
4361.2 In reply to 4361.1 
Hi Mark, so it sounds like DeskProto wants to import 3D polygon data, while the other group is importing 2D curve data.

MoI does already support the STL format, so you can use that format for going into DeskProto - just do a "Save As" and choose the STL format type from the file type dropdown box. You can also use the File > Export command - that command exports only the selected objects into the file so if you use that one make sure you have selected the objects you want to export.

For the 2D curve output, try using the converter program here:

That 3dmCurves2DXF program is a small converter program that I wrote that can import a 3DM file and output any curves in it to a DXF file. That may work better for you than AI format.

Note that DXF files can contain a variety of different kinds of data - the ones made by this converter app will only contain curves, so that kind of DXF file will probably not go into DeskProto because DeskProto is looking for 3D polygon data in the DXF file and not 2D curve data like Vectric is. So that's one thing to keep in mind, that there are a variety of different kinds of things that can possibly be stored in DXF files, they don't contain just one single kind of data in them unlike some other formats.

Let me know if that works for you - I do plan on supporting a 2D DXF output directly from MoI in the future.

- Michael