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 From:  Michael Gibson
436.3 In reply to 436.2 
Hi Crusoe, yup definitely weird on that corner, it's trying to calculate a blend that isn't going too well there.

It looks like it is not caused by the new fillet changes though, because the same thing happens in the previous beta as well.

The new beta should fix crashes in fillets, but it doesn't fix this type of poor geometry creation type of problem, these problems are going to take longer to fix. It will be kind of a longer process to gather these types of problems and report them to the people who make the geometry library that I'm using, they will have to fix them over there. I probably won't make much headway on this until after V1 is out.

I'm glad you like the new fillet shape options - I should be able to add a kind of tension parameter to it as well for the next beta that will let you alter the shape a bit, like make it more pointy or more shallow, I just didn't have time to get that in quite yet.

- Michael