MOI for presentation of model: How to hide the interface?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Ambimind, unfortunately #1 and #2 are pretty difficult to implement. #1 is probably quite a bit of work, which would definitely make sense if the sketch curve command was the main way to draw anything in MoI, but since it's more like one of many different commands instead of the exclusive way to draw things, it's a bit hard to justify sinking a significant amount of development time refining it.

I've tried to think about how to do #2 before, and the tricky thing is when there would be a kind of a sudden jump from the snapped point to the current mouse position - that would tend to create some strange bumps in the snapped areas. It could be possible to try some things like a type of blended "easing out" from the snapped point instead of going just directly from the snap to the actual mouse location, but again that's something that would probably require quite a bit of development time to get working well.

So the feasibility of those is not particularly high, at least not anytime soon.

For #3 - double click can tend to open up some other difficulties when the double click action does not naturally extend what the single click action does.

Double click to enter edit mode is probably feasible - double click to exit it less so, because a single click is already used for selection, so to make double click do something totally different than the regular selection mechanism would probably mean stuff like having a pause and not doing selection until I knew whether a double click happened or not - that kind of stuff tends to be awkward. That's one reason why I have just avoided double click in general.

Right-click to turn off edit points is also probably not workable because right-click is already used for the different purpose of repeating the last used command.

One note though - you can currently use the Escape key to turn off edit points as an alternative to the Show pts button.

So anyway, double click could be a possible thing but it's not easy to just put any function on the double click action unless it is a more natural extension to what happens with the single click already....

- Michael