Hollow representation of a solid?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Bob, like Michael T mentions you can use the Shell command to make a hollowed out object with a constant wall thickness.

But if you have a complex object like an entire model car made up of a whole bunch of little surfaces, that is probably not going to shell successfully though because shell is a pretty complex operation that does stuff like build offset surfaces and then extend, intersect, and trim them automatically. That process gets pretty difficult when the model is more complex.

However, another method you can use to make hollowed out areas inside of a solid is the Boolean difference command - create something like a box or sphere and place it so that it is contained totally within the model and does not touch any of the outside surface of it. Then select your main model, and run Construct > Boolean > Difference and then select the interior part as the cutting object. That will carve out the interior shape as a void region within the solid.

Also see here for some tips on how to select objects that are contained inside other ones:

- Michael