.stl or .max file into MoI ?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi OSTexo,

> The STL functionality for Spaceclaim imports that geometry
> as reference, you effectively have to rebuild from scratch
> using that data, it's really not brought in as something to
> modify/use directly.

Right, so the tricky thing about something like that is it's pretty easy for that nuance that it's "for reference only" to be lost on people - if someone just sees STL as a supported file type, and then try to open it and get a 3D model displayed on the screen, a lot of people then assume that they have opened up geometry to work with just like one of their other files. Then when it doesn't behave like other things they have modeled it is confusing and they wonder if something is going wrong...

Maybe if it was on some completely different dialog than the regular Open or Import dialog that would help avoid that kind of confusion.

- Michael