Wish: multiple import (merge) of files in one step

 From:  Michael Gibson
4349.3 In reply to 4349.1 
Hi Micha,

> I got a large model in parts in different files and it could
> be great, if in the future all files could be drag&droped to
> the main file.

Like Marco says, that is actually how it works already - when you do a drag/drop of a set of files onto MoI, it will do an import of all of them.

I also tested dropping a multiple selection of files onto MoI here and could not find any problem with that.

Is it possible that some of the files you dropped have objects marked as hidden in them? Maybe try doing a Show after you have done the import.

The only other factor is that only files with a recognized file extension will be opened in this manner, so make sure your files actually end with .stp or .step file extensions.

If you have one particular set of files that does not import properly through drag&drop, could you possibly e-mail them to me so I could see what is going on with them?

- Michael