Creating a door handle cup in a car door

 From:  Michael Gibson
4346.2 In reply to 4346.1 
Hi David, sorry it's not easy to follow just the general text description of a concave piece and a door handle, it really helps to be able to actually see the specific shapes that you're working on, preferably by attaching the 3DM model file here so it can be examined.

> I thought revolving a matching elipse and doing a boolean
> subtract would do it but that did not work either

Could you please attach the 3DM model file that has the pieces in it that you were trying to boolean so I could see what did not work in this case?

Is the door an open surface instead of a closed solid? If that is the case, then you will most likely need to use the Trim command to cut them with each other rather than using Booleans. Boolean commands are more oriented towards working with cutting a solid - if you want to cut a surface use Trim instead and Trim will allow you to manually pick which cut up fragments you want to keep or discard.

But I'm not really sure if that was what you were running into or not - if you can post the 3DM model file here that will help a lot to see what the problem was.

- Michael