Creating a door handle cup in a car door

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi David, your audi turned out great!

> Maybe I should be thinking more about the overall shape of my
> object for creating Networks rather than individual parts
> like doors, quarter panels, etc. I can Trim out parts later in the
> process, assuring a better relationship of the individual components.

It can kind of depend on the situation, but yes if you want to make something that has pieces that look like they all come from the same flowing shape, it can be a good technique to make a bigger surface and then trim the pieces out from that.

At the same time though, you generally don't want to make a surface contort and try to change shape too much between different forms, it's hard to get a good quality surface when you try to apply too much force to it to try and make it change shape too much. Areas of your model where things go through a sharp bend kind of signal an interruption in the base form, and it's not so good to try and build a network that traverses too many areas like that.

But when the pieces all look like they come from the same underlying broadly shaped form, that's a good time to use a larger surface + trimming.

- Michael