Can't join surfaces

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Shaun,

> Also, is there any method I could use besides a Network?

Well, Network is probably your best bet if you want to surface directly to those edges.

But often times instead of building something directly to the final edges you may want to instead construct a more simple broader surface and then intersect it to get the final edges (either by the Trim or Boolean commands) instead of trying to fill in things along the final edges like you're doing here.

So in a case like that you would build some kind of large rectangular rounded sheet something like shown here:

And then the rounded edge would come from a fillet instead of being directly modeled.

However, with your shape here that may be kind of difficult because the rounded lip is so pronounced and more of a primary feature of the shape.

To do an extended surface + trimming approach in your case here probably you would build the rounded lip to be a bit extended like this:

Then with the ends sticking up a bit like that you could have a large rectangular surface for the upper part, trim those to each other and put in a small fillet to smooth out the connection between them. Something along those lines anyway would allow you to build a more simple and regular surface for the upper piece.

Right now you're trying to force a surface to fit directly to a non naturally rectangular boundary which tends to be more difficult to get a good quality surface form.

- Michael