MoI3D, Alibre and SimLab - A formidable team of rapid development 3D mode land scene tools: See renders at

 From:  Dream Cutter (DREAMCUTTER)
I'm finding MoI, Alibre and Simlab an awesome combination of tools to rapidly create 3d models and scenes. Check out some of my work at to understand the level of creativity that can be developed in just a few days. The humanoid character "Prospector Pyrite Pete" originated in Alibre, with clothing and hat made possible with MoI3d.
This GoldPeeps site is less than a month old, so all renders were created over the last week. The environments were generated by E-On Vue. 3D Models rigged by Poser, for easy manipulation in Vue. If you want to render some gold prospecting scenes like this, I am sharing my models (all textured and in .obj) at, search FREE OBJECTS under artist "dream cutter".

Shoot me a message if you need tips or hints.

R/ Dream Cutter