Works with MOI

 From:  Alexis Flamand (ALEXIS_FLAMAND)
Hi everyone,

here are some works with MOI.

First, a speed modeling contest with the theme : "make the computer of the future".
Notice that, in the future, people won't be able to read, son there are only 4 buttons : 1 for Facebook, 1 one "People Mag", 1 for adult content, and 1 for the Weather Channel.
As there won't be energy at all, users will have to produce electricity themselves with the thing on the right. Last, notice the presence of a TV above, so users can see TV as they navigate on the net. :)

Second, another speed modeling, a saloon spittoon. Notice it is an ecologic one, with a button to recycle saliva (Yuk !)

Third, I used MOI to make a plan for a free RPG that will be released in France in September. I have been more efficient with MOI to make this plan than with a 2D softwre, incredible ! This illustrates how powerful MOI can be with other things than 3D !

Thanks for watching !

Alexis -