After a Slice

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Pilou,

> Does it possible for the perfection to enter another angle
> at the start? (negative or not?)

You can make it use a different angle by editing the script in a text editor - at line 30 of the file you'll see this code:

// Angle to rotate by.
factory.setInput( 2, 90.0 );

The value 90.0 there is the rotation angle value that will be used. So if it's not going in the direction that you want you can change that to -90.0 instead (you'll need to restart MoI if you've run the command once in the current session).

> PS does the "Centroid" of the object is the "centroid" of the Edit Frame?

Yup, it should be the same I think.

- Michael