MoI be nimble, MoI be quick

 From:  Michael Gibson
4337.5 In reply to 4337.1 
Hi Danny, that's a great result - thanks for sharing it!

That is really great that MoI is working well for you in that kind of "get it done in 15 minutes without much fuss" way - that's really getting right to the essence of what MoI is focused on.

Of course it also helps that at this point you've had plenty of experience using MoI so you're now able to really take full advantage of it and really "get in the groove".

This is one of the kind of interesting aspects of MoI's focus on making a smooth and fluid workflow - having fewer steps to do things helps beginners because there is just less stuff they have to know to make things happen but at the same time less steps and just less "irritation" when drawing can be really beneficial for advanced users as well. It's really useful for an advanced user to be able to model something in 15 minutes instead of 45 minutes or something like that. Then you have 30 minutes left over that you can use to go relax or something... :)

MoI makes a nice companion to use along side other more traditional style CAD packages because it has this different overall focus to it.

So now the challenge is to keep this kind of light and fluid feel while continuing to add in new features and more functionality. That's not easy but it is something that I'm really focused on.

Thanks very much and I'm really glad that MoI is working like this for you!

- Michael